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symplistix solutions converge connecting communities

Welcome to Symplicity


Haere Mai   |  Welcome

Symplistix Solutions is passionate about finding convergence between service providers and their communities, connecting them through efficient and cost effective communications. We excel at helping organisations find innovative solutions to strengthen their contribution to their communities.

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symplistix solutions connect connecting communities

Symplify Connections


He Tangata   |  It is People

Basic principles exist that enhance connections, whether it is between people or organisations.

Symplistix Solutions will help you embrace difference and bridge distance to build enduring relationships that are mutually beneficial – reciprocal even. Let us help you better connect with your community.

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symplistix solutions convey connecting communities

Communicate Well


Korero   |  Talking

Our first language came so easily we can dangerously assume that how we convey ourselves is satisfactory. We can be wrong, on so many levels. Symplistix Solutions understands that communication is an art in continual need of refining. To connect well with others you need to first know who they are, not just what you want to say.

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Whanaungatanga   |  Relating

The Maori term whakapapa means the marrying of two things to create a unique third. Symplistix Solutions’ role is like that of a matchmaker and midwife, helping you connect with your significant others and then assist with the birth of something unique and mutually beneficial from the relationship.

It all starts with a conversation. So make contact.

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Every organisation exists in a community. It is an ecosystem within a habitat. Organisations need to adapt or perish, but how can you consistently transform while remaining true to your self? Well, it’s quite symple really. We can show you.


Your purpose determines how YOU connect with the community you are seeking to reach. It is your commission: what you exist in the world to do, what (or who) you represent, and what you have to contribute to the community. Before you communicate effectively and build community you need to know what you’re about. We symplify that process for you.


Transmitting information is a complex exercise, and the larger the difference between the communicator and the recipient, the bigger the transmission challenge. What you convey and what your audience receives can be poles apart. We can help ensure that your message is interpreted as accurately as you intend, regardless of the medium used to convey it. It’s symply a matter of understanding what you mean and what they want.


Some of the charities for whom Symplistix Solutions has developed online identities to help them connect with their target communities.


Standard charge out rates are $80.00 per hour for consultancy or incidental work. Projects are itemized and a fixed price is agreed upon in writing prior to commencement. If project parameters change it may affect the final rate but this will be agreed before additional work begins.

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